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If you appreciate science, or just like to know the ‘why’, you’ll find in-depth, well researched articles, blended with personal opinion from experience here

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – The Truth and the Mask (a personal account)

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“But you look well”, “you’ve always eaten really well”, “you seemed to have a heap of energy at _____” make CFS a difficult thing to explain. This is often because you only ever see me [...]

Want clear skin? Start with your gut.

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There’s much more to growing great skin than what touches it’s surface.  Fleur Davis - Beauty Therapy lecturer and co-founder of Twenty8 natural skincare and essential oils - says the #1 skin mistake she encounters is [...]

Let me sleep!!! (and why counting sheep won’t work…)

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“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book” ~Irish Proverb Wonderful advice! Unless you’re crap at sleeping…. I’ve had issues with insomnia for just about as long as [...]

Have we finally defined the most unrealistic woman’s body ideal yet?

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Five years ago I wrote an article titled ‘Strong is the new skinny’ - the latest unrealistic ideal, to highlight the potential detrimental effects this ‘movement’ could be having to a womans psyche and [...]

Cold pressed juicing – how can removing fiber be good for us?

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I’m often asked why I juice so flipping much… with the main arguement being: “aren't you just removing all the fiber”? So I thought I’d post a very brief summary addressing this issue, to help [...]

Metabolic Reserve, Part 2: Methods to charge up your battery.

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In my last blog I discussed the concept of metabolic reserve being akin to our internal battery pack. In this way, we can start to look at our lives in terms of what will reduce [...]


For the ‘visual’ peeps

Fleur Davis on why natural skincare is best

I chat to experienced Beauty Therapist teacher Fleur Davis about synthetic vs natural skincare, dealing with breakouts, and why everything we need for our skin is found naturally in plants. Fleur co-founded the highly successful organic Natural Skincare and Essential Oil co. – Twenty8 – with aromatherapist and fellow kiwi – Kim Morrison. They also co-wrote the book ‘Like Chocolate for Woman’ together to help woman in particular take better care of themselves, and as a result, all those they care about.
To receive 10% off Twenty8 products, use code: PERKY at the perky.nz or twenty8.com stores

Basil seeds and weight loss

Learn how Basil Seeds could help you lose weight, boost your iron and calcium status, as well as help to alleviate constipation. They truely are a superfood, and the perfect take-anywhere snack. Remember to use code PERKY to receive a 5% discount when you purchase yours through the perky.nz website or at aotearoad.com.

Womans health and sanitary pads

Ever wonder what’s in your current sanitary pads, and how they may be affecting your health? Get the lowdown here, and learn about the Drion sanitary pad difference. Anatomically designed for the health conscious women, Drion products are hypoallergenic, ultra-absorbent and technologically advanced, to support menstrual comfort and overall health. Receive 12% off when you purchase 3 or more packs using code PERKY at perky.nz, or drion.nz.

A little fun shooting for our website!

I love how being outdoors adds to my workouts. I’m so much more inspired and energised. For you it might be working out with a friend. Whatever, or wherever it is that energises you, make sure you find time for it.

Twenty8 – Essential Oils & Skincare

Co-founder and director of Twenty8, Kim Morrison, talks about self-care, and how essential oils can literally transform the way we feel in 4 seconds. A brief preview of the vast spectrum of health issues these oils can assist with, everything from overwhelm, headaches, dull skin to hormonal teenagers and weight issues. Link to her website via our Shop page, and remember to use code PERKY for a 10% discount on Twenty8 essential oils and skincare at the perky.nz or the Twenty8 store. Note prices are in $Aus


Perky in the limelight

Bayleys in the North Annual Fundraiser for Make-a-Wish

It was a huge honour to host this event, helping to raise over $18,000 for the Make-a-Wish foundation. One hundred and twenty three people attended the event, held at the Stables Restaurant in Matakana Country Park, and beautifully styled by Annie O. We heard wise words on how to handle stress from Sarah Laurie, and were privaledged to listen to a mothers very personal account of how life gets turned upside down when your child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Chantelle also talked about their experience with Make-a-Wish, and how it lifted the spirits of their gorgeous son Corban (pictured in this photo), and enabled him to fight his illness better.
Photos courtesy of Louise M Photography.


It’s an exciting day when (at 40 years old) you’re asked to meet at a beautiful Auckland beach, have your make-up and hair done, given clothes to wear, and asked to bounce around in the surf whist a professional photographer snaps off photos for the cover of a magazine! Surreal.
The profiled article “Step by Step”, outlines my journey with chronic fatigue syndrome, loss of my Olympic dream and self-worth, and the slow road back.
Thanks Good Health Magazine for helping raise awareness about CFS, and for making me feel like a superstar for a day!

M2Woman Magazine Interview

Asked to share my beauty routine back in 2012, I can see there’s a few products that i’ve swapped out for 100% natural now. It takes time to find products that are not only good for you (most skincare and make-up brands can potentially be detrimental), but ones that are effective as well, because we’d all like to slow the ageing process. One of the reasons I started Perky was to let people know of brands they could truly trust for efficacy and personal health, while knowing these companies were eco-conscious and did not test on animals. We call it the Perky Tick, and you can even get discounts on these products by shopping with the PERKY code.