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Drion Womens Pads & Pantiliners

Drion NZ distributes sanitary pads and pantiliners that are anatomically designed for health-conscious women.

Drion sanitary products are hypoallergenic, ultra-absorbent and technologically advanced, and support menstrual comfort. They contain a green strip infused with far infrared rays and negative ions. Drion sanitary products also help minimise odours.

Remember to use the code PERKY on Drion's website to receive a 13% discount when you purchase 3 or more packs.

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Product Description

9 Reasons To Use Drion

1          Chemical free organic cotton … no chlorine, dioxin or plastics

2          Slim form fitting and ergonomically designed for comfort

3          Ultra absorbent … contains pine resin polymers

4          Embedded far infrared negative ion strip to support vaginal health

5          Helps minimise odours

6          Individually sealed within re-sealable plastic free packs

7          Day pad packs contain complimentary vaginal PH self-test kit

8          Healthy & hygienic alternative to tampons

9          Biodegradable & compostable


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